Landscape Design

1: First we consult with you on the design, style and goals of your project.

The Grass Action Landscape team will guide you through a brainstorm to come up with ideas for style, design and purpose. Collaboration is extremely important during this step and the entire design process. Together with you, we will put together an inspiration board that will inform and help steer the concept development.


2: Vision

Collaboration is key for every step of the project. We will explore options, forms, textures and overall experience of your space together. Once our ideas start to take shape, we present you with 2 -3 design concepts. From there we review layout, structure and discuss the budget and timing. Some of the most important decisions at the stage are initial materials and plant sizes; which will help shape our timelines and costs.


3: Design Development

Once a conceptual direction is selected we start the process of developing the final plan. Here is where Grass Action will create detailed construction drawings and finalize the design details, adding additional elements of craft and artistic flair.